are we indians a wounded civilisation

i have never read v.s.naipauls book by this name. but after reading bits and pieces oh history and lot of geography. each time i speak about my country. are we a wounded civilisation. we hit females that too in front of the cameras but yet say that our country is she, so are the rivers. how can there be so much of contrast in this huge land of ours.i really try finding out by reading out lot of books. but yet again history is subject where objectivity doesnt reign supreme.where am i to go for untainted knowledge about my country.we are so scared of criticism that we will take up cludgels at the smallest hint. why is it that we cant go after politicians the same way we go after those poor innocent girls. man this is an ultimate shame. why cant we change that chaltha hai attitude.when are we going to realise that we are in great danger from ourselves when we just call the hindu’s right wing nationalists when they defend what is ours. how can our religion or rather a great book of thoughts and philosophies not able to convince our own kith and kin when it comes to the greatness of hinduism. why cant we live the way we want. why is there so much of intolerance. is the india that i am living in today where even chandra gupta maurya who along with his minister chanakya used marriage as a potent tool of diplomacy by marrying a greek princess. wake up my country men. you have slept enough. now is the time to wake up. the more you sleep the more you will bloat with bed sores.


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