economic history part-3

when we talk about Nehru i feel that we need to go really back in time to understand how we were and the way we were influenced a lot on the way we did business. we were predominantly an agrarian society. we had a lot of disadvantages.

  1. Too huge a country for homogeneity.
  2. No standardised system of weights or measurements.
  3. Bad or no connectivity of places.
  4. brigands, dacoits, pindaharis and thugs in large numbers.
  5. the system of varna which stiffled the enterpreneurial spirit in many people.

These were some problems, but overcoming them we were the largest in gdp. infact we were either the first or the second for many centuries.

some unique features of indian economy were as follows. they might be positive or negative but they were unique for us.

  1. The hundi system.
  2. The presence of business prince.
  3. The caste based system where each trade for a particular caste.
  4. Major business houses situated near the ports of india as the hinterland waterways and roads not well devveloped.

the points brought out here are not speculative. they are facts which can be verified easily. i am just trying to prepare a collage of all the available data.

to be continues.


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