god. are u really powerful or a failed genetist

the concept of god started when there was a reason to be searched for the infinity and unknown that surrounded us. to give us the hope that there is reason after all, in this big chaotic world. there is a method in this madness. after so many years of science,religion, blood and reasoning we have come to the conclusion that evolution is the reason for us being here. man the penultimate creation of god. man the being with the extra sense to be of sense and sensibility.man the being with the power of ideas. he who could give life and improve it. but in the end what did he do. everything that was not supposed to be done.killed his own , the others and wrote poetry to glorify. he perfected the art of being a hyena in cunning. he had memory of follies that could have been just that, no he had to better it by having a memory better than that of an elephant.we just kept getting better and better at being the best in the worst. where do we go from here. corruption, poverty , rape , molestation and all synonyms that lead to one logical conclusion:man. so i beleive that god is a bad genetist. did not know what he created or was too confident of himself. after reading all this there is one more conclusion to make. that instead of blaming man iv blamed god. you see even i , am a product or rather a byproduct of god, if there is one.


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