god has a daddy

is god there, i cant or wont try to answer that question in just these few words… but so many millions of years have passed, did we feel anything, no i guess not. at least i didn’t. so is it selective amnesia of the whole or just a natural process, too big a question, involving everything and nothing… few reasons to believe in god, is symmetry in a sunflower.. synchronicity in glow worms..these are just a few… the whole world started out of the primordial soup, ok i get it.. but where the hell did the soup come from, ok might be that god created it, fine.. but if he is the creator then who created the creator.. and what is infinity, why should there be infinity.. so something says god has to be there. but if god himself is there then who is gods dad… damn if i know.. can anyone enlighten me, without spiritual mumbo jumbo you are welcome…


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