how she got her groove back

a lanka alone and unaffected.

was there a simian bridge unseen

lo behold a tsunami came

swept her away to pulsating speeds

not many words, always the smile

the monalisa smile

a thin veil, revealing a bit, showing nothing

how many battles , scenes and songs faced

will she, wont she or when wold she

she did , in her subtle way

god does work in mysterious ways

thought he was away, he wasnt

will it be a passing cloud,

another warm hearth in her cold and brittle thought

knight in shining armour, nope. but a

gem in branded glamour.

too many words, vaccumed words,

she, he two points in a 2d graph

lost in space. but lost together.

may they be stars in their galaxy,

if they desire so, atleast after


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