if asoka could we can

recently read a book by an indian author, games indians play. well after reading that, one thinks that we really are responsible for whatever has happend to us. starting from filth to our inner muck. blame we will, but change we will not. why should i , if every1 else does. then multiply that by a billion , then u have the end result. people will atad up for an insult to the poilitician idol, but they will not for lack of good public health facilities. chalta hai bhi is the attitude we have had. being individualistic has its pro’s and cons. but man i wud rather be a corrupt and clean individualist than anything else. wil we change , i hope so. coz i have taken an oath to do so. not to litter , stand up for issues and try to make a differnce. we can say that our country has attained independence if some gets highlighted for being a bad example than being a good specimen. make an oath to yourself for our country where we have had angels like bhagath singh who was a god in his age and ours also,and also to country which is not bold enough to question its own mistakes. ask answer and analyze. be bold , be brave and ask questions. where asoka was able to

realize even we can. traditions are just old habits that die hard. not all of them , we require them as long as they serve the purpose, not when they spoil the purpose for which they have been started. jai hind. also would liketo share this with you, mera bharat mahan, sou may ninyanvay beiman.


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