Indian moms are hunters and on why she is a polymath

Officially i am in the marriage market. Girls to look at, boys to be rejected on their past experience. Financial statements, espionage, predictions and astrology. Well, we can include cyber warfare also as the online portals these days have helped us a lot in this aspect. So where does all this lead us to. is it that tough for people to meetup like each other and get married. I am not chetan to write reams and get famous on how marriages in india take place.

      But yes we have to like each other, we have to be at our best behaviour,it doesnt matter if after marriage if they come to blows. But you have to be a good boy before the marriage. And yes no smoking at all. All you have to do is quit smoking before the wedding for a few weeks. we can always smoke a puff or two here and there right.

  Then comes the career of both the people. It has to be in a place with good connectivity, good internet, then there has to be good roads.How will they travel right?

  Then comes the most important aspect, eugenics!!!! ooops i meant the vital stats. nobody can be tall dark and handsome.They have to be damn good to positively great.

 So if you have to do all this, you gotta be master of all and jack of an ass to admit that you arent one.

hats of amma’s and aai’s. Jai ho



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