we have gained independence, yes but “indians and dogs not allowed” has just mutated to “unconnected and dispossesed not allowed.. best examples the north east insurgency, the naxalite movement.. Is this inherent in the psyche of indians.. we have to lord over somebody and we need lording over by somebody.. It requires no psychatrst or socioligst to find this out.. maids are found in abundance only in india.. where work is not god but the previledge of the unfortunate lot.. the same indians wouldnt mind working abroad washing leftovers and proclaiming proudly with a few photos… Is this is our duality that is spoken about in physics and philosophy.. In india we pay bribes to get the work done.. outside its vice-versa you bribed not to work.. yes taken from the movie indian… we always are best when there is a crises.. we are more of fire fighters.. than weathermen..all these is it a product of our religion and way of life, invaded for over a fw thousand yrs starting from 10th century AD. the british collector has replaced the local inspector, is this the reason why our indian has not been able to perform well, starting from not carrying their bags, to being pampered.. india is a contradiction, whatever you say about india is right and wrong as well.. i have started of by starting about colonial hangups, to our small yet significant fallacies.. where will ibe able to arrive at a conclusion.. i dont think it is possible, for me in these few bits and bytes.. do we have enough bravery to face our past, from the past experience it looks like we dont( scraping the reservation, as well as the article 370).. but the things we do for our future looks like we do , and that too lots of it( godhra, babri, sikh riots).. so where do we stand, we are too much of both the extremities.. its high time we decide which extremity we want to be on.. or india will shine and blaze away into the sunset of karma.. JAI HIND


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