stages of my life

first few years: was a baby and a child. dependant on others for even my basic needs. do this and do that. then slowly out grew my pants.grew a little bit more to fight and ask questions better.grew enough not much to be petted and patted as a child still.

the confused teens: not understanding what the hell was happening. why it was happening. the guilt of forbidden pleasures.the pimples, gruff voice and the awareness that i am a guy and there are girls around.the realisitation that apart from call of the nature there are things beyond, that happen with our own equipment.and a bit of a rebel for no reason. basically why the hell should they.

the man that grew from scattered soil: the mush was black enough. the awareness that not everyman is equal. that some are more beautiful than others. the hard realities of life and the ambiguousness of the perfect world of books where efficiency can be more than 50%.and the fact that , what the magazines say actually can affect you. we also can be a statistic among all others deaths and cunstruction.

a child again: we are again told what to do. live like this, like that. by our better half. the smal ones. live for others make a sacrifice , invest here and there. but when do i get to be me. may be in the loo. hope it doesnt come to that. but even if it does what the hell.



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