tom clancy(he might be the reason for 9/11)

we all have read and some have enjoyed it. but there are few facts that i would like to bring forward about his on of his books he has written about an japanese pilot crashing his plane into white house or senate in one of his novels to avenge the defeat of japanese army by the american army. he has actually given away the idea for free in the name of bestselling idea. it was for all to pick and choose the best possible idea. now more on his writting style. in most of his books he acts more like a salesman for american products like beef, beer and lifestyle. well if anybody has even an iota of iq present in him/ her then many would see through it. most of the times he harps about these things. and in the book rainbow six he has yet again given the idea of kidnapping and destroying the whole world. well mr.clancy you do have blood in your hands. and next time if anybody says that you write good books, i would like to say that yes your ideas are good, but the way you write is a pathetic excuse for pseudo-jingoism. dont act like a refugee mr.tom. i thought you aint one.


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