how she got her groove back

February 28, 2010

a lanka alone and unaffected.

was there a simian bridge unseen

lo behold a tsunami came

swept her away to pulsating speeds

not many words, always the smile

the monalisa smile

a thin veil, revealing a bit, showing nothing

how many battles , scenes and songs faced

will she, wont she or when wold she

she did , in her subtle way

god does work in mysterious ways

thought he was away, he wasnt

will it be a passing cloud,

another warm hearth in her cold and brittle thought

knight in shining armour, nope. but a

gem in branded glamour.

too many words, vaccumed words,

she, he two points in a 2d graph

lost in space. but lost together.

may they be stars in their galaxy,

if they desire so, atleast after


to my unborn daughter

February 28, 2010

well here we are, actually dont know where to start.. but this much ill say u are truly a gift from god, man what a gift.. i will not write the usual u r my apple , orange or whatever fruit i had in the morning, but u complete me.. nobody absolutely nobody is gud for u.. am i gettin a bit possesive, i suppose so.. every time u tease somebody ill bribe u, a tear in another guys eyes will be pearls for me.. dont be good, just be what u want to be, ur sexual orientation is screwed i cudnt careless.. not bothered abt studies hell yeah we’ll spend more time together… i want you to redefine the phrase why shud boys have all the fun.. for u it will be “is this what boys call fun”.hell i am waiting for u my angel, there u c i am already the gud father.. i will not say ill be , but i will make the most sincere attempt..make u offers u cant resist…ok then till i c ya

god has a daddy

February 28, 2010

is god there, i cant or wont try to answer that question in just these few words… but so many millions of years have passed, did we feel anything, no i guess not. at least i didn’t. so is it selective amnesia of the whole or just a natural process, too big a question, involving everything and nothing… few reasons to believe in god, is symmetry in a sunflower.. synchronicity in glow worms..these are just a few… the whole world started out of the primordial soup, ok i get it.. but where the hell did the soup come from, ok might be that god created it, fine.. but if he is the creator then who created the creator.. and what is infinity, why should there be infinity.. so something says god has to be there. but if god himself is there then who is gods dad… damn if i know.. can anyone enlighten me, without spiritual mumbo jumbo you are welcome…


February 28, 2010

we have gained independence, yes but “indians and dogs not allowed” has just mutated to “unconnected and dispossesed not allowed.. best examples the north east insurgency, the naxalite movement.. Is this inherent in the psyche of indians.. we have to lord over somebody and we need lording over by somebody.. It requires no psychatrst or socioligst to find this out.. maids are found in abundance only in india.. where work is not god but the previledge of the unfortunate lot.. the same indians wouldnt mind working abroad washing leftovers and proclaiming proudly with a few photos… Is this is our duality that is spoken about in physics and philosophy.. In india we pay bribes to get the work done.. outside its vice-versa you bribed not to work.. yes taken from the movie indian… we always are best when there is a crises.. we are more of fire fighters.. than weathermen..all these is it a product of our religion and way of life, invaded for over a fw thousand yrs starting from 10th century AD. the british collector has replaced the local inspector, is this the reason why our indian has not been able to perform well, starting from not carrying their bags, to being pampered.. india is a contradiction, whatever you say about india is right and wrong as well.. i have started of by starting about colonial hangups, to our small yet significant fallacies.. where will ibe able to arrive at a conclusion.. i dont think it is possible, for me in these few bits and bytes.. do we have enough bravery to face our past, from the past experience it looks like we dont( scraping the reservation, as well as the article 370).. but the things we do for our future looks like we do , and that too lots of it( godhra, babri, sikh riots).. so where do we stand, we are too much of both the extremities.. its high time we decide which extremity we want to be on.. or india will shine and blaze away into the sunset of karma.. JAI HIND

life goes on…

February 28, 2010

As i look towards the eveining of my life, i see all my friends all over, but yet here i am lonely and waiting for the final call from someone above,nothing actually matters now.not money , cold , heat or rain,just my memories, untarnished pure and good memories. may be this might sound very odd coming from me, but let the adrenalin run itself out and all that is left is our thoughts, lived in a pond,but dammit it was ours to call, not a sea where we are lost.where ever we maybe or watever we might do now, later the only thing that matters is when we look back in the evening the night should pass away in a dreamless black, if that is possible then i say we hav reached our destination.

Indian moms are hunters and on why she is a polymath

February 28, 2010

Officially i am in the marriage market. Girls to look at, boys to be rejected on their past experience. Financial statements, espionage, predictions and astrology. Well, we can include cyber warfare also as the online portals these days have helped us a lot in this aspect. So where does all this lead us to. is it that tough for people to meetup like each other and get married. I am not chetan to write reams and get famous on how marriages in india take place.

      But yes we have to like each other, we have to be at our best behaviour,it doesnt matter if after marriage if they come to blows. But you have to be a good boy before the marriage. And yes no smoking at all. All you have to do is quit smoking before the wedding for a few weeks. we can always smoke a puff or two here and there right.

  Then comes the career of both the people. It has to be in a place with good connectivity, good internet, then there has to be good roads.How will they travel right?

  Then comes the most important aspect, eugenics!!!! ooops i meant the vital stats. nobody can be tall dark and handsome.They have to be damn good to positively great.

 So if you have to do all this, you gotta be master of all and jack of an ass to admit that you arent one.

hats of amma’s and aai’s. Jai ho